Tuesday was, sadly, our last day in the mountains. It was a short trip, but a welcome getaway and we had a really nice time. When I took the dogs out in the morning, it occurred to me that I am going to miss waking up to this view.

Erin had to be on a phone call pretty early, so I took the kids downstairs to get some breakfast and hang out for a little while. We sat, had a nice chat and enjoyed the view for a while.

After Erin’s call, I took a run, we all got cleaned up and dressed and went out for a nice brunch. Then we hit the hotel pool one last time, got our stuff packed, got the kids some ice cream, and headed back home. 

It was a trip full of good memories, and this time Amelia was able to capture quite a few of them! Just before the trip, we got her this cool Polaroid-style kids camera and let her do her own job of chronicling things. Sure, at times we had to remind her that maybe taking a picture of Spongebob on TV isn’t the most effective use of not-very-cheap film. Try explaining the whole concept of film to a kid who has only seen and experienced digital photography. But really, she did a great job and clearly loves taking photos.

I was really impressed when I saw her pictures scattered about. In the way that this blog is a kind of snapshot of my intake and perception of things, this photo collage of Amelia’s, I think, says something about how she sees the world. It’s beautiful and full of joy. 

No clumsy words of mine can improve on what she said with photographs, so I’ll close with some of them.