Monday morning, I woke up and took the dogs out. It was brisk and chilly, but wow what a beautiful morning.

After that, I took a run along the river. While the elevation had me gassed at a few points, I was probably more breathless about the views. 

With some good music playing and gorgeous river vistas, I was in the zone. A guy could get used to running a route like that. I’ll add that to the list of reasons why I need to make a bunch of money and get a place in the mountains: better physical fitness.

Back at the room, the kids and I hung out on the balcony for a little while, also taking in the views.

Later in the morning, we all got out and took the dogs for a walk along the river, too. It was a beautiful day and we had a really nice walk. Henry really loves throwing stones in the river, to hear and see the splash.


We had a great, relaxing walk. Along the way we came across a little creek, which was a big hit with kids and dogs alike.

With some good morning exercise and fresh air in, we drove down to Vail to go our favorite restaurant for lunch. It was a great as always, and afterward we walked around town a little. While Erin was doing a little shopping, the kids and I had a few running races. Amelia and Henry are quite the speedsters.

After catching my breath, we headed back to our hotel in Avon. I had promised the kids some time in the pool, and as luck would have it, the temperature dropped and some threatening clouds were moving in by the time we got out there, but we still had a fun, if chilly, time in the pool.

And I also got to throw out a great dad joke when it started to sprinkle. All of us in the water, I said, “We better get inside before it rains! We could get wet!”

Eh? Eh? Yeah, I know. I can’t help it.