Friday was the first day of summer break for the kids and we made plans to go out and have some fun with them in the afternoon to celebrate. Erin and I both had a lot to do in the morning, and Henry had therapy, but we powered through our lengthy to-do lists to get to the afternoon. Amelia hung out in my office, making comfy use of Asta’s Dog bed.

When we wrapped up with work, we took the kids out to get a McDonald’s cone, and then drove over to the WOW Museum, a really fun children’s museum in nearby Lafayette. In pre-COVID days, I used to take the kids there all the time. We have a membership, and last summer, in a rare bit of normalcy, I was able to sign up for a time to take the kids for an hour or so. They had excellent COVID precautions and it was a really refreshing, good time.

They are back open for limited hours now, and you order advance tickets with timed entry to help keep it nice, safe and distanced. We had our tickets and got there about 45 minutes before closing, It was like old times, and the kids had A BLAST. First, the pirate ship.

Then we ran around, Amelia gave me a check up at a pretend doctor’s office, and then the kids got to the giant bubble contraption, which is easily Henry’s favorite.

And Erin played grocery shopping with Amelia and Henry.

After our time at the museum, we went to dinner at a restaurant nearby, a place with amazing fried chicken and another place that was a mainstay for us in the days before COVID. We used to go there the day before holidays and have lots of great memories there. It felt really good to be back, and also really good to drink draft beer and eat fried chicken.

From there, it was back home for an evening Zoom with Auntie Kallin. We caught up with her, and had a lovely chat. By the time we wrapped that up, all of us were pretty tired from a busy and day and called it a night.

It felt like a good first day. A good first day of summer, and a step on the path back to something like normal. Yes, we still wore masks at the WOW Museum, and yes we are still exercising caution, but we are starting to be able to do the things we used to do and that is really exciting.