Wednesday was a day where Erin and I were both pretty busy, Henry had therapy and Amelia had school in the morning, but they were both pretty free range in the afternoon. It is a bit of a preview of what’s to come for summer, as they kind of milled around, got antsy and asked for a lot of snacks.

I was trying to get ready for a presentation I had to deliver on Zoom, and Henry asked me if I could work in the play room so he could have company while playing. I agreed, and this photo might give some idea of the level of peace and focus I was provided in this setup.


Nothing like the random clanging of a bell and a singing and jumping 5-year-old to aid that laser focus.

Anyway, by late afternoon I figured the kids really needed to get outside, so I decided to take them to the tunnel park for a while. We hadn’t been there in several weeks, and they were super excited to chase around and play. Also, the weather was perfect and comfortable so it was a good park visit.


We played superheroes, ran around, and Amelia spotted a frog hiding out in the rocks!


The kids both spent a good amount of time checking out that frog. It was quite the novelty.

They wrapped up with a fun runs on the slide…


…and even convinced the old man to give it a go.


I will close today simply by saying that a good slide is something everyone, kid or grown up, should really  experience now and then.