Tuesday was another busy day, and the kind of busy that just wooshed by so quickly that I’m not hard pressed to remember a lot of what happened.

One thing that did happen was that after planting our garden box over the weekend and quickly discovering that Islay had every intention of digging up and destroying everything in it, I spent a little time putting some chicken wire around the box. While it may not be exactly the aesthetic we were looking for, it does do the job.

While installing it, I did manage to get a pretty decent splinter that I think went pretty far into my fingertip. Erin helped me tweeze out the part nearest the surface, but there was still plenty in there. She suggested soaking my finger in vinegar, so I gave that a shot.

It did seem to help, and I was able to get most of it out eventually. The only catch was I wore a bandaid on my pinky the rest of the day and my typing became considerably more clumsy than it usually is. And that’s saying something.

Other than that, it was another lovely evening outside, so we had dinner outside. The kids decided to take a page out of last summer and have dinner in the playhouse.

And that was honestly about it for Tuesday. Sometimes simple pleasures, like the feeling of no longer having a hunk of wood stuck in your finger, are the best pleasures of all.