Monday was a bit of a sluggish start for all of us. As I was trying to get myself in gear and get breakfast ready for the kids, I noticed Henry wasn’t waiting at the table and dictating orders like he ususally is first thing in the morning. I eventually found him just hanging out at the top of the stairs. When I asked him if he was coming down, he said, “No, I’m hanging out with Asta.”

Eventually he did, and both kids had breakfast and got on with their days. Henry’s ABA therapist was off, so he was pretty free range for the day, and Amelia was in school. After about an hour, she came out and told me they were having virtual field day, and had an hour to be outside, doing physical activities.

She and Henry set up shop outside and looked over the different activities suggested for Field Day.

I took my laptop out too, and offered to help. One game was a kind of volleyball with a length of twine on the grass as a dividing line “net.” Amelia and Henry had lots of fun passing the ball back and forth over it.


Amelia later set up some markers for jumping and did some running and jumping activities.

There was also some discus (frisbee) throwing, races, and Amelia and I did a towel toss!


The kids had a blast with our little backyard field day, and I have to admit I rather enjoyed it, too.

After that, Amelia asked if she could do her class work outside, and I thought that was a great idea. I set up shop for work, and Henry was out there playing some games on his tablet. It was a beautiful morning, and I think the fresh air did us all really well.


I got quite a lot done before we all headed back inside closer to lunchtime. After lunch, I took Henry to preschool, Amelia did her schoolwork, I did my work-work, and Erin was on the phone networking for her business. Busy day for the Schneiders, but a good one.