Quick post about Sunday, which was elegant in it’s lack of big action or drama. We had talked to the kids the night before about the fact that they needed to pick up around the house before we got onto the day’s activities, and when I groggily stumbled downstairs for coffee in the morning, I discovered both of them already hard at it, listening to music, singing along, and cleaning up. I felt like I was watching a poppy montage sequence from some 80s movie.

So that got done, and I ran out to pick up a couple things at the store. I had one of those retail experiences where I found myself stuck in a line where it’s posssible the people talking to the cashier had never been in a store or completed any kind of transaction before. I finally gave up and went to another line, and was quickly rewarded by having the cashier and the person checking out suddenly leave together to go look for something. Many minutes later, just as I was about to just give up and leave, they came back.

I kid you not, the cashier scanned this precious item they had gone looking for, and the customer asked the price.

“It’s $26.99.”

To which the customer responded, “Oh, that’s too much. I don’t want it.”


Anyway, I did finally get out and get back home. I went for a run on the treadmill in the basement and the kids came down to play. When I finished up, I found Henry horsing around with an old bin.

All that done, the kids were off to Grandma and Pop Pop’s that afternoon. I dropped them off, and then Erin and I went to have a quick lunch downtown in Denver. We went to Union Station, which has some nice little bars and restaurants in it.

We walked around a bit, had a drink and ordered up some appetizers. At some point Erin realized we ultimately ate chicken tenders and loaded tator tots, which is basically what our kids would have eaten had they been there. They are never too far from mind.

After that, we headed home, relaxed a bit, and the kids came back full of excitement and sugar, having had a fun day with their grandparents. They eventually settled down enough to call it a weekend. On to another week.