Friday was a beautiful day, but by the time I headed out to pick up Henry from school, things started to turn a little bit. Dark clouds were rolling in, and one of the other parents I ran into on the way to school mentioned there might be some hail in the area.

Henry came out of school about as excited as he’s ever been to come out of school. And that’s saying a lot, because he is always excited after school. They had field day that afternoon, and it sounds like he had an especially awesome day, which is always great to see.

As we started the walk back home, Henry saw some kids on the swings at the park and asked if we could go there. I hesitated, saying “maybe we should get home.” Actually, I said “Maybe we…” and by that point, Henry had taken off running toward the park.

I chased after him and after a few steps, figured, “Oh, what the heck.”


Henry was shouting “WHEEEE!” He was loving the swings, and I pushed him for a couple minutes. Things were getting darker and I was thinking it was time to head back and tried to make that case to Henry.

“WHEEEEE!” was his response.

Then there was a far away roll of thunder, and in an instant, Henry changed his tune. “We have to get home!” In a moment, he was off the swing and making tracks.


We ran home, and Henry turned it into a superhero/sci-fi adventure story. “We have to get back to the ship before it blasts off!” We kept adding to the story, running and laughing along the way.

Indeed, we got home just before it started raining and it wound up being a pretty mild storm. A few rumbles of thunder, a little rain, and in less than an hour, it was gone. We had our usual Friday night pizza, hung out and had a nice, quiet finish to the week.