It’s May in the greater Denver metro area, and if living out here for 6 years has taught me anything, it’s to not be surprised when you wake up to snow in the middle of May. I say “when” and not “if,” because it really is some kind of metaphysical certainty.


So it was a pretty low key day around here. I had a presentation and a bunch of work to do, Erin was on the phone making calls for her business and Henry was in the middle of his busiest day of the week. ABA in the morning, school in the afternoon and then drum lessons right afterward. Throughout the morning he was in good spirits, and he bounced to school, pretty happy as well.

He came out of school happy as can be, but immediately got frustrated when told he had to drum lessons. Last week I wrote about the tough time he had at drums, so I was bracing myself for another tough afternoon there.

But, apart from a little initial grumble when we got there, Henry wound up doing great. The teacher got to playing songs Henry likes, and that really drew him in. I sat out in the waiting room and did some work while listening to Henry and his drummer jamming out to some various pop and Spongebob songs.

When we got home, he got right to playing and having some well-earned popcorn.


And that was about it for Tuesday. Like plenty of days chronicled here, it was busy but not especially blog worthy. But Henry turning around and having some fun with the drums again was a big win, so that is something for us to be thankful for.

As for something to NOT be thankful for…you guessed it, the snow.