Saturday, I was pretty down for the count. Not unusual, following the second vaccine dose, I know. By no means was I super sick or anything. I know people who had the full-on fever and chills and the whole shebang for about 24 hours. Me, I just woke up kind of achy and with a hella sore left arm.

As the day went on, I just felt generally fatigued and yucky. I don’t think I ever cracked a fever, but I dragged pretty heavily and just felt lousy. Many sparkling waters were imbibed.


And that is really about as exciting as Saturday gets. I napped, I sort of dragged around like a zombie and called it an early night. I blanked out the day just in case, so it was really no big deal. And frankly, I rate my experience on the mild end of the lousy spectrum. A teeny, tiny, insignificant price to pay to at last be fully vaccinated in a couple of weeks. I’ll take it.