It was a busy Friday morning for all of us. Amelia had school and some assessments, Henry had ABA and OT, and Erin spent the morning helping out some friends of ours who needed some babysitting assistance. I was pretty tied up with work, and had a lot to get done before heading out to get my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine in the afternoon.

After OT, we got Henry all ready to go to preschool, and as always, he was really excited to go see his friends. When we got there, though, we found out there actually wasn’t preschool that day. We had missed something on the calendar and didn’t realize it was a teacher training day.

Henry was pretty disappointed. He was sad as we walked home, and his sister took a moment to console him.

With her help, and the promise of popcorn when we got back home, his spirits perked up. I got back to work for a while, and as soon as Erin got home, I had to rush off to the clinic where I had my vaccination appointment. It was about a half an hour away and I of course wound up behind every slowpoke and hit every red light imaginable, so I was a few minutes late, but it was no trouble getting in. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes, feeling very good about getting that second shot. Just a few weeks away from being fully vaccinated!

I was feeling fine, and after my 15 minute observation, where I didn’t faint or anything, I went off to do the week’s grocery shopping, and pick up some pizza on the way home. Apparently, Henry was asking about when the pizza (and me) would be arriving pretty much the whole time I was gone.

It was a beautiful night outside, so we had a nice dinner in the backyard. It was particuarly good for Asta, who managed to steal a piece of pizza from Henry. After dinner, the kids played and made up fun stories together.

Then we decided to come in and watch a movie together. Erin had the idea of introducing the kids to School of Rock, which was an enormous hit, especially with Amelia. She loves rock n’ roll music and really got into the story and the songs. I hadn’t seen the movie for a while and really enjoyed it too. 

Of course, I’m imagining the whole story of pretending to be someone else and passing yourself off as a teacher for a few weeks might have more severe consequences in real life, the cast and the story are fun enough to look past that. And the final number is pretty boss.