Another quick post! I’m recognizing a pattern where late in the week I end up getting tired and/or lazy and going for brief posts. I’m not sure what is more sad, that actual pattern, or the fact that it took me over 400 days to recognize it.

Anyway, Thursday was a pretty good day. The kids had their usual things, Erin was busy on the phone getting things rolling for her new business, and I spent all afternoon on an online review for the CU Denver architecture program’s final projects. It was really cool watching students present their designs for their designs of national park visitors’ centers.

When I was finished, I came downstairs to make some dinner and found Henry and Asta nicely chilling out together outside. It was quite adorable.

Later on the evening, it was a little bit of like father like son, because I was outside doing some late night writing and the dogs were my co-pilots out there, too.

And that was about all there was to say about Thursday. Like many weeks, it was busy, hectic and crazy, but that doesn’t always translate into necessarily the most riveting prose, but I have come to believe that oftentimes life is indeed what happens in the quiet moments between the crazy wacky stuff.