Quick post tonight, because as often is the coincidental situation with short posts, I’m a little tired and there wasn’t just a whole lot about yesterday to talk about. 

It was a Wednesday in the kind of week where most every day felt like it should be Thursday. But hey, one day closer to the real Thursday, so that’s something.

Anyway, Amelia was ready to face the day and started where she left off the night before…showing off multiplication tables. I’m usually not all that game for math at the breakfast table, but somehow she makes it OK. I particuarly like the pride with which she approaches these kinds of things.

After some Frosted Flakes and multiplication, it was time for school for Amelia and therapy for Henry. Once they were going, I had some webinars to get on, one of which was about sustainability and the future of restaurants, post-COVID. The main speaker was the culinary director of our favorite group of restaurants in Denver, so it was particuarly interesting to me to hear their story. Then I ended up in a breakout session with him and got to actually talk to him (via Zoom) and was nerdily starstruck. It was a good session, I got to ask a few pertinent questions and then also gush about what a fan I am. It was a mix of real journalism and The Chris Farley Show. 

When I was done with that, I drifted downstairs to make some lunch and found Amelia cuddled up on the sofa doing her afternoon schoolwork. And when I got back up to my office, Henry was sprawled out there, watching cartoons. Everyone was free addressing.

And that was really about it. Nothing super flashy. I tried out a new pollo asada recipe that turned out super great, so I was excited about that. Then got the kids to bed, did a little writing, a little reading, and was off to bed. Now time to do a little of that right now, too.