It was a pretty big Monday in the Schneider house. It was the day Erin launched her brand new business, Mountain Summit Consulting. We are all super excited about the new venture and it focuses on something near and dear to all our hearts.

After Henry got his autism diagnosis last year, Erin and I spent hours upon hours over weeks over weeks basically stumbling around in the dark. We were trying to figure out what our insurance covered, what therapies Henry needed, and what providers would be best for what he needed.

On top of that, we often found ourselves trying to navigate Kafkaesque applications and tangles of government programs that stretch across, around and through numerous agencies. Tons of emails, voicemails, phone calls and endless forms kept befuddling us to the point of madness.

But it was all for the purpose of helping our son, and the good news is that the help we were able to identify has made an enormous difference for our son and our family. A lot of that has to do with the dedication, organization and persistence Erin has shown throughout this entire process. Without her commitment and drive, we never could have made the strides we have.

A while back, we were discussing how hard this must be for so many families. It’s hard to imagine how difficult this would be for families where both parents are working outside the home, where there are more children to care for, or for families where English isn’t their first language. Erin and I are both pretty literate, college educated professionals and some of these forms felt almost impossible to us.

So Erin had the idea of becoming a consultant and advocate for families who need it. She could use her experience and connections with providers to help families of children with disabilities or special needs get connected up with the right therapists and locate programs that might help them pay for those services.

That’s what Mountain Summit Consulting is. It’s a passion project for Erin, and the kids and I couldn’t be prouder. She has worked so hard to get here and is starting out making connections with local providers out here in Colorado. As time goes on, she has plans to grow the operation, but it’s exciting to see her take the first steps.

Check out her website at to learn more!

Big congratulations to Erin, and all the best wishes in this endeavor. If you know any families who might benefit from this kind of help, please pass on the word.