On Friday, we were all pretty excited to wrap up the week. Henry had a Zoom meeting with his occupational therapist, and was a little less than enthused to do it. It turned out, however, that his OT actually has chickens and ducks on his property and got Henry interested by showing the cute little birdies to him on screen.

Once Henry got settled down, he insisted on sitting at the table with a book. And I’m not talking about a kids’ book, I’m talking about a big reference guide to Norfolk Terriers.

He is a man of letters, what can I say.

Amelia had a appointment at the dentist’s to get some sealants put on, so Erin took her to that and promised to pick up a little toy for her on the way home as incentive. She did a good job, and Amelia picked out a pretty nifty Rapunzel bow and arrow set.

“Hold on, Rapunzel didn’t have a bow and arrow, did she?” Why no, dear reader, she did not. But far be it from me to question the merchandising might of the Disney empire. They apparently thought the crossover demographic of little girls who like both Rapunzel and archery was big enough to appeal to.

After school, and after I wrapped up work. I took the kids to one of the neighborhood park. Henry was clearly excited and Amelia was shouting “Wait UP!” several times.

It was pretty hot, and when we got there I found a shady spot and the kids got to climbing and playing.

The head did wear them down pretty quickly, so we didn’t last there long. When we got back home, Amelia got back to work practicing here bow and arrow skills. We have our little Hawkeye here.

And that was about it. We had some pizza, hung out a little and all of us wound up fading out pretty early that night. The sun takes a little something out of you, and I think pulling that bow string back is pretty tiring, too. Just ask Rapunzel, I guess?