Another short post today after a busy week. Yesterday was particularly hectic, and just one of those days where I got off on the wrong foot. I was tired and groggy, and had both kids shouting demands at me while one dog was peeing on the rug and, a few hours later, the other one threw up in almost the same spot. Just one of those days.

I had a lot going with work and was just off balance in general, but there was a moment in the kitchen around lunchtime that made me take pause and realize I’d probably been stuck on all the wrong things.

Yeah, it’s easy to get stuck on the little things that don’t go quite right. And demanding kids and puking dogs can drive one a little battty. But while I was getting lunch ready for the kids, out of nowhere, suddenly Henry just say, “Amelia, I love you.”

And then Amelia said, “I love you too, Henry.”

And then they hugged.

And my heart melted a little bit. Sometimes they can drive me crazy, and I can get all stressed out about the random bric a brac of life, but at least for right now in this moment, I can stand back and appreciate the beauty of a moment like that. 

Erin and I blessed with two amazing and wonderful kids, both of who are uniquely themselves. I remain in awe of the fact that, for all their differences and usual sibling conflict, they are so appreciative of each other and so close. 

And taking it a step further, for Henry, a kiddo on the autism spectrum, to be this in touch with his emotions and comfortable expressing them is something we are deeply impressed by and thankful for.

So in the end, that’s probably all I need to say about Thursday. Other stuff happened too…I was nervous about about a work event at a local Topgolf that ultimately went really well. That was good, too, but that moment in the kitchen was one for the books.