Welcome back. Since I had a topic post yesterday, I figured I’d quick catch up on the last couple of days. Also, before I wrote the topic post I started writing about Monday, and I figured I could recycle it here. Yay, copy/paste! Here goes.

It was Monday, and back to it. It had been a really nice weekend, weather wise, and that continued on Monday. Which made it even harder to focus on work and not just stare out the window.

But we all did our work and had a productive morning, and when it was time to take Henry to school, we decided to all take a walk together and get some fresh air. Amelia showed off her superior fashion sense. Looking FABULOUS.


Henry was excited to get to school, and then Amelia, Erin, the dogs and I all had a nice walk around the park before heading back home. There, I did a little more work and then had to hustle up to the nearby small town of Frederick for a little appointment.

A few months ago, we all sent in our passport applications so we’d have those ready to go for the eventual day that this pandemic ends and we take a trip to the UK that we had hoped originally to do for Erin’s 40th birthday. Well, a few weeks ago everyone got their passports, except me, who got a rejection letter.

No, it’s not because I’m in trouble or on any watch list. My passport had expired, which is fine, but the letter said it had been originally issued more than 15 years ago, which meant that now I had to go to a passport office. As I filled out the new form, I noticed that I hit the 15 year mark literally days before getting the rejection. So while the application was processing, it got to be too old and got sent back. Figures.

Anyway, the local office was booked up for over a month, so they suggested I go up this small town where there were available appointments, which did work. I felt like I was back home in Chilton, Wisconsin. It was a tiny post office where everyone knew everyone else and the lady next to me was shipping a giant box filled with jars. And also like many towns in Wisconsin, there seemed to be about as many bars and breweries as people. There is even a street named “Tipple.” 

That done, I headed back home and finished up work for the afternoon. It was still pretty nice out, so we grilled some burgers for dinner and ate outside, though it started getting colder as we were sitting there. The kids played, and Erin and I hung out, then cleaned up the kitchen.

On Tuesday, the weather took another classic Colorado turn. It got chilly and gloomy, and I heard my first thunder of the season. We also had our first…hail! Wheee! It’s springtime in the front range.


The hail thwarted my plans to walk to school to pick up Henry. Curses! So I would need to get my steps in another way, like walking around the dining room table a few hundred times. 

Anyway, after picking up Henry, I took him to drum lessons. He was a little less than enthused to be there. He has been struggling a little lately because Tuesday is packed with therapy, school and drums, back to back. As an adult I don’t love days that heavily scheduled, so I cna’t say I blame him for having trouble with it. But his teacher is super nice and we are trying to work out ways to make it more fun for him.

After that, it was back home for dinner and some superhero make believe play, then bed. And now we’re caught up! Like many weeks in quarantine, Monday and Tuesday wound up being pretty much the same, so a two-fear post is just fine.