Sunday was one of those rare days that we had nothing on the schedule whatsoever. We kept things pretty clear so we could give Islay the space to rest and recover. Of course, she did little of the “resting” part, but fortunately she seems to be doing really well and healing nicely.

Erin decided to start the morning making some delicious, from-scratch waffles. They were fluffy, tasty and wonderful.

After breakfast, Erin worked on grooming Asta, which is quite a process…she is a hairy dog. And I undertook a long-overdue cleaning out of our freezer, which was chock full of ancient, freezer burned frozen meat and fish, some vegan cheesecakes from like 3 years ago, and heaven knows what else. It was quite an excavation, but really nice to be able to properly close the freezer again.

Once that was done, I took the kids to the park for a while. It was a warm, beautiful day outside, and we had a lot of fun at the park.

We played superheroes and hide n’ seek. I had a sweet hiding spot behind the park bench that fooled the kids for all of 5 seconds.

Henry kept wanting to play this little game where he’d climb up the slide, and then have his hat comically fall off. His sister would laugh hysterically, he would say, “Oh, NO!” with great exaggeration, and then they’d go down to get the hat, and do it all again. Captured here is the hat in mid-fall.

It was kind of hot out, and for once I didn’t have to fight to have the kids come back home. Once back, they cooled off with some frozen juice/popsicle things. It was nice chill out on the back patio.

From there, I took the opportunity of lovely weather to grill a chicken and we had a really nice dinner in the backyard. After cleanup, Amelia asked if we could play a little baseball, so play we did.

Henry is usually a pretty good pitcher, but this time thought it would be more fun to just throw the ball over the fence every time. It’s an interesting strategy and would make for some very entertaining walks.

It started getting dark, so it was time for baths and bed for the kids. When they were asleep, I spent a little time outside soaking up the nice weather. Whether in normal times or pandemic times, it’s the simple pleasures that keep us going.