This will be a fairly brief post, because it’s the end of the week and boy am I tired. For whatever reason, I spent most of this week feeling like I’d been shot with an elephant tranquilizer, and even on a normal week, Friday tired is exponentially more…um…tiredy? Yeah, I don’t think that’s a word, but this is my blog and I’l make up words if I want to.

Paaalapalooopa dooo! I just made that up too. I’ll work out a definition later.

Anyway, one big thread on Thursday was a lot of wacky, fun play from Henry. Early in the morning, he got very excited to come into my office to present me with his latest piece of artwork he had made for me. It was quite excellent and I was flattered.


After therapy, he went to preschool and had a really good day. Erin and I also had a Zoom meeting with Henry’s school therapists, who are the ones working through his IEP (indvidualized education plan), so we got to get an update on how he is doing, and learn more about what they are working on.

They are focused on some of the same things that our in home team is working on, and it’s also good to hear that he is making some baby steps in socialization at school. While he still does play on his own a lot, he is seeking out friends more often and engaging with the other kids, which is great to hear. And on his daily report that day, he got a glowing review from his teacher, telling us how well he’d done handling a fire drill, and also some good peer interaction he had. All in all, really good news and we are super proud of our guy.

Back at home, while I was making dinner I heard Henry running around with his dragon and Captain Underpants stuffies, creating an elaborate adventure with them.


And at dinner, Amelia introduced us to some music she’s been listening to at school and we played it after we were done eating. The kids got their stuffies in on the act, jamming out and dancing.


And that was about it, really. In the end, it’s hard to top upbeat kids’ music and dancing stuffies, so that’s as good a place to close as any.