It was a pretty low-energy Saturday for the grown-ups in the house. As noted yesterday, I couldn’t say for sure whether my overwhelming feeling of exhaustion was from my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine on Friday, or just from being alive and being a parent. I strongly think it was that second thing, but sure, why not blame the vaccine.

Anyway, I had kind of blanked out the day anyway in case I had any side effects or illness, but other than a bit of a sore arm, I was feeling just fine. The kids, however, woke up raring to go. Early in the day, Amelia was showing me some new gymnastics tricks on the jungle gym.

Things were warming up a little, and the snow we had gotten was starting to rapidly disappear, but the kids got geared up and got out early to take in as much snowy playtime as they could while it was still around.

This being Colorado, I doubt we’re done with snow yet, but at least they’re maximizing their time with it while it’s around. The kids also played some games and Henry got a new puzzle from his “Little Passports” subscription, which is a fun thing for kids where they get cool activities every month to teach them about geography and different cultures around the world. The kids worked together to assemble a puzzle that was a map of the world, and they were both really proud of it.

Not pictured here is Henry, who when I got the camera ready, threw up his hands, shouted “AAAAHHHH!!!” and ran away. When he decides to be camera shy, he makes no secret of it. Ambiguity is not something Henry struggles with.

Other than that, it was a very low key and lazy day. Erin and I both tried to sneak in a nap, which was at best partially successful. After a little while, Henry was up asking for snacks and I was being called upon for some kind of playtime mediation. (One wanted to play one, thing, the other wanted to play another, etc.) Oh well, I was able to get about 45 minutes, and I’m thankful for what I can get.

We had some dinner, the kids played among themselves for a while and Erin and I enjoyed another viewing of Ted Lasso, which probably ranks as my favorite pandemic viewing from the past year. So fun and uplifting.

Saturdays are so often packed with various projects or errands, it feels a little strange looking at one so light on events. It was pretty nice, I must admit.