Thursday was a little on the gloomy side and we were expecting a little rain, so it was a good day for hunkering down and getting some stuff done. I have to say I like cold, cloudy days for that. Easier to focus on meetings and presentations and spreadsheets and stuff.

At some point during my day at work, Amelia asked if she could come into my office for a little while, and I said, “of course!” She gave me a little card she had made. Amelia explained that today was “thoughtful Thursday” at school, so she made me a little card, with a heart on the front and back, and rather touching note inside.

I could say this made my day, but that would be a gross understatement. It was so sweet and so unexpected and one of those moments that shook my consciousness out of whatever mundane thing I was doing so I could give my daughter a big hug and take great pains to appreciate that exact moment. There’s plenty of bedeviling and frustrating moments that go with being a parent, so when things like this pop up, you have to grab them and hold on.

Later, Amelia walked with me to pick Henry up at school. It had started to drizzle out a little, so it was a good opportunity to bust out the ol’ umbrellas.

When we picked Henry up, he was thrilled to see us, and also jealous of the umbrella look, so I let him use mine.

Not long after we got home, the rain turned to snow and pretty soon it was turning into a full on winter wonderland out there. Ah, springtime in Colorado.

While out that day, Erin had picked up a fun new dance game for our Nintendo Switch, and we gave it a try that night. It was a whole lot of fun.

Not pictured here: ME dancing, which I totally did. It wasn’t pretty, but it was fun.