Normally we’re all excited for Saturdays. The weekend is here, and the story is our own to write for a few days. But this Saturday was a little different, because it was also unfortunately the day that Auntie Kallin had to head back to Chicago, and we had to say our goodbyes.

It was great having her here the past week. On a practical level, it was immensely helpful to have another grown up around while Erin recovers. It was a huge help to us and we really appreciate it. And on another level, she is just awesome and we love having her around. The kids had lots of fun with her, I enjoyed our chats and watching a little baseball together, and Erin got to have some nice time hanging out with her before her surgery.

But all good things must come to an end, and the time came for the kids and I to take Kallin to the airport. Before we even left, Amelia was already getting pretty emotional. Amelia has a really big heart, and she has a hard time saying goodbye.

We drove her down and said our goodbyes, and Amelia cried for a while on the way home. I asked if she wanted to talk, and she said no, she just needed a little time. Henry said, “Don’t worry, Mia [which is how he says “Amelia”]. Auntie Kallin will come back.” And every few minutes he’d check in and say, “Are you OK?”

It wsa really sweet, and after a little while, Amelia came through it and was feeling a little better. We drove out to Boulder to make our weekly stop at Trader Joe’s and the kids both were great helps, loading things into the cart. I also want to note how awesome it is that Trader Joe’s has recently partnered with an app called Magnusmode to offer additional support to shoppers with autism and other cognitive issues navigate their stores. I downloaded the app and will give it a look for our next visit, and things like this are another reason I am such a loyal Trader Joe’s shopper.


Back home, we had some dinner and I played superheroes in the backyard with the kids for a while. It was a mix of running around and adventure, and a meeting! Yes, Amelia called a superhero meeting with Henry, me and Socky. She had a notebook and everything.


Like most meetings, we had a good discussion but didn’t get a whole lot done. Which was OK, it was getting late and time for bed anyway.