So it’s been a long week and I don’t have a long post in me tonight, but I will just say that Thursday was a pretty good day. Erin continued her recovery, I had a Zoom presentation, the kids both had school, Auntie Kallin was working remotely too, and we all got about our day.

In the evening, though, there was some time to romp around in the backyard and the dogs particularly got into it. I was throwing the ball for them for about a half an hour. After about 5 minutes, Islay continued running like a maniac after each throw, but Asta, the older one, just hung back and waited for the young pup to bring the ball back.


And then she would ambush her younger sister and the two would engage in an epic battle over the tiny ball.


The kids also got some playtime in, and Amelia threw the ball around a little, too.

And that’s honestly about all I have to say about that. Some days are heavy with event or perspectives, and other days are just…Thursday. And that is OK.