Wednesday was a pretty quiet day around here, which is good because Erin is recuperating from her eye surgery the day before. She was feeling pretty good, but tired and a little sore, so we all did our best to look after her.

The kids had pretty low key days, too. Amelia has early release on Wednesday, so she was done after lunch. And for Henry, Wedenesday is his day off from preschool.

And frankly, he really needed it. He has been kind of on edge and a little extra defiant lately, and we think that’s in large part due to the fact that he has so many demands put on him in a given day, between therapy and school, that he is looking to exert his independence anytime he can.

We get that, for sure. We had a good conversation with his therapists this week and we are trying to be sensitive to this and dial back things a little. It was good that he had the whole afternoon to just do his own thing and relax. I think it helped him out a lot.

Amelia took advantage of the free time by getting out her lab set and doing some more science experiments. 

I told I thought it was cool that she likes science so much, and she said she really loves it. “I think I know more about science than you, daddy!” Well…that’s not impossible. 

That was really about it. After what’s been a pretty hectic last few days, I’m OK with a little slowdown, too.