Saturday was a super exciting day for all of us, because it marked the return of Auntie Kallin, our good friend from Chicago. She was out a little over a month ago, and was awesome enough to come back to help us out for a few days. Erin has a small medical procedure next week…all is well, but she will need some recovery time…and Auntie Kallin graciously offered to help out for a few days, which is amazing.

The kids have been asking about her every five or so minutes for the past week or two, so they were super excited to come along to pick her up at the airport. Amelia was sitting in the car waiting a full 10 minutes before I was actually ready to leave.

Kallin’s flight and our pickup at the aiport went smoothly, and it was great to see her again. Last time she was here, we had intended to hike Red Rocks with her, but it was like 5 degrees outside. This time, thankfully, the weather was MUCH nicer, so we made our way over there for a really awesome afternoon hike.

We enjoyed the sights, the sunshine and fresh air and had a great afternoon. We even got to take a moment to reflect at the heavenly shrine to John Denver.

It was pretty hot outside, though, so by the time we got home we were ready to kick back a little. Now I am generally a fancy craft beer guy, but hikes like that show me why Coors Light is such a popular beer out here. An ice cold Coors is perhaps the perfect beverage after that kind of activity.

Anyway, we had a nice dinner as the sun set, and the kids invented yet another new backyard game. So our basketball hoop’s base is filled with water to weigh it down, and when one of them jumped on it, the cap flew off and water sprayed up. So they started jumping up and down on the base to spray themselves with water in a new sport I’m dubbing Splashketball.


Next we pivoted to the very important pre-Easter (Preaster) activity of coloring eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide! We all got in on the action and made it through a couple dozen pretty efficiently.


With that all done, it was time to take the kids to bed and for the Easter Bunn(ies) to do (their) work. 23 real eggs and 43 plastic eggs hidden. Here’s hoping we can remember where they all are.