It’s been a bit of a long week, so I’ll be keeping today’s post a little short. After a little bout of snow earlier in the week, it’s been getting progressively nicer and more springlike each day, and Thursday got lovelier as the day went on.

I walked Henry to preschool, and had a nice chat with him on the way. As we got to school, he asked if I would pick him up when he’s done, to which I said, “Of course.” He also asked me if Amelia would be there, too. I asked him if he wanted her to be, and he said yes.

So when I got home, I asked Amelia if she’d mind coming along when I went to pick up Henry, and she gave an enthusiastic yes.

I went back to work for a few hours, and when the time came, Amelia and I walked over to the school. She was looking fabulous and we had a great walk together.

When we got there, Henry was super excited to see his sister. They hugged and walked along with each other, chatting up about their days.

This stuff doesn’t get old for me. I know all things in life are fleeting, but I soak up every moment of the close bond Amelia and Henry have. 

After school, I dropped the kids off at their grandparents’ house for a few hours, and I went off and got a little writing done. They came home having had a fun picnic and loaded up with Easter candy and some fun new artistic presents. Amelia got right to work drawing a comic book, and Henry painted a dinosaur.

Spring weather, sibling love and artwork. A good Thursday.