On Wednesday, I had a little more gas in the tank and, while still suffering from the energy limitations that have defined my week, I was able to maintain a somewhat more even pace. While I was working in the morning, I got to overhear a pretty entertaining game of superheroes going on with Henry and his ABA therapist, and also Amelia when she had breaks from school.

She gets mentioned here in passing, but I don’t say enough about the job that Henry’s ABA therapist does. She has a great connection with Henry. She finds ways to engage and play with him, but also teach and help him work through things. We were impressed with her from day one, and as time has gone on, we are just more and more blown away by the job she does. And being that she is in our home with our son most every day, she has really become part of the family.

But this is a moment where I have to go beyond raving about her professional skills and all she does supporting Henry and also say that she wins lots of extra credit points for how game she is for all the wacky stuff the kids like to play. I remember ages ago, the kids were in a big Space Jam phase and kept wanting to play Space Jam with her. It is a random thing, and the kids asked her which Looney Tunes character she wanted to be. She chose Foghorn Leghorn, which is such a deep cut, unexpected choice. I respect that.

Anyway, in similar fashion I heard her diving in with all the goofy superhero adventures that I am so often playing out with the kids. And hey, she is a mom and working professional and I know it isn’t easy to conjure the energy to keep up with kids like that for hours at a time, so I give her big kudos for being so great with both of them.

In the middle of the game, the kids came off and showed off their heroic costumes for me.


Looking good. Later in the day, we found out that some old friends from our neighbhorhood were passing through and the kids were able to get some fun time at the park with them. It’s one of Amelia’s old classmates who moved away last year (waaaaay back on Day 38) and they had so much fun playing together. I was able to make a brief appearance to say hello on my way to a meeting down in Denver. It was so good seeing them, and a throwback to the days before all this COVID nonsense.

That evening, Amelia wanted to help me make dinner. We’ve been trying to incorporate fun things into mealtime to encourage our kids to try new foods, this was a sort of cowboy-themed BBQ dinner. I made some BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and baked beans, and Amelia helped me make cornbread muffins.


Reviews were mixed among the kids, but hey, they liked the cornbread, so that’s something.