Ah, the Monday after a nice weeklong vacation. It feels like getting back to it after a nice week off should mean feeling recharged, enerergized and ready to face the world.

Or maybe it means having to restart momentum, having lost all inertia in the time out. Maybe it means feeling, at least for the moment, even more tired than you did before.

I would say this particular Monday was both of those things for me. I did have a pretty solid burst of energy in the morning. I had another good run, and was able to start excavating through my packed inbox and start getting caught up with work.

But by late morning or early afternoon, I could feel that burst start to vanish, and before long I was dragging, big time. I just wanted to crawl into bed and have a nap, something I had been able to at least lightly indulge in a few times during the break.

A fellow could get used to naps, that’s for sure.

But I pushed on and was able to make it through the day. Henry was back at it with therapy, and I think he was in kind of the same boat as me. He actually had a pretty good day, all things considered, but I think like me his attention and energy was in little erratic bursts.

Amelia still had the day off, with school starting again for her on Tuesday. So she happily spent most of the day in her jammies and in various superhero, princess, and superhero princess costumes.

She had piano lessons in the afternoon, and was excited to do that. She loves her teacher and always raves about the conversations they have. When we got back home, the kids both had some quality outside playtime. It was a lovely, warm spring day.

Meanwhile, I made some spaghetti for dinner and played Ramones radio on Pandora to try to get some energy back. After dinner, Amelia started dancing to Devo and I couldn’t help but join in.

I crashed pretty hard after that, sure, but that was one of those little moments I will always remember. Everybody needs a little kitchen dancing sometimes.