On Sunday, we packed up the car to head up for a little spring break getaway to Breckinridge. It’s a fun mountain town only about 90 minutes from home. Hotel check in wasn’t officially until 4pm, and our original plan was to head up in the afternoon, but in the morning we saw our weather apps plastered with winter storm warnings for the mountains, so we figured we’d better get underway a little sooner.

We weren’t sure what we’d encounter, and indeed there was some snowing going on toward the end of our trip up, but we made it pretty smoothly and our room was ready early, so that worked out great. 

It was beautiful up there, and the funny thing about mountain weather is that it can change on a dime, and then change again. In the span of a few hours we went from sunny and beautiful to winter storm and back to bright and sunny. 

Once we got settled in, we got bundled up for a nice walk through town with the dogs.

We stopped along the way for ice cream, the perfect treat for standing outside in a winter storm. (It was delicious, though).

The kids got to romp around a little playground area.

And afterward, I got to have a moment to sit outside at Breckinridge Brewery, right across from our hotel, and enjoy a brew with a view.

Back at the hotel, the kids were doing what kids love doing in hotels. Playing with the phone and jumping from bed to bed.

We ordered a pizza, played some games, watched a movie and called it a night. Perfect start to spring break.