Saturday was a total blur. So much, so fast. It was bit like a black hole of days. A black hole may only take up a relatively small amount of space in…well, space…but because if its mind-bending density, a heck of a lot is crammed into that finite space.

The last few days have felt a bit like that. Not exciting stuff like wrestling jaguars or flying around on a rocket cycle, but just lots of regular, ordinary stuff all crammed together. I’ve been trying to get a ton of stuff done in anticipation of a little trip we’re taking for spring break, and my taking off from work next week. It felt like for every item I would cross of the to-do list, another 5 would take its place.

The kids, however, started their day much as they ended the last one. Playing Uno!


And as I got my stuff done, the kids did important things like deciding which toys and stuffies to bring on our trip.

By late afternoon, they had their backpacks ready to go, and Henry had asked me at least 4,000 times “are we going yet?”