Another busy day, and another quickie post. Friday was a pretty packed day with work and various bric a brac, and it was also the last day for the kids in school and therapy before Spring Break next week. Amelia had her usual school thing, Henry had ABA therapy in the morning and pre-K in the afternoon.

It was a gorgeous day and when it was time to pick up Henry, Amelia asked to take a walk with me to school to retrieve our little guy. It was sunny and springlike, and she was excited to rock her shades, which she does, as with all things, with great chic. 

Henry came out of school all excited about his day and thrilled to see his sister waiting for him. It is truly heartwarming to see the level of excitement they react with when they see each other, even after a few hours. They were all excited and chattering about their days.

The other day I was listening to a podcast episode of Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, and he was interviewing SNL’s Kenan Thompson. Kenan was talking about how one of the things that inspired him as a kid to get into show biz was The Price is Right, because there was just this incredible joyful enthusiasm about that show. Everyone who got called acted like it was the most exciting moment of their lives, and he said that’s the kind of joy he tries to capture in his comedy.

As a lifelong Price is Right Fan, I must say first of all I really get that analogy, as weird as it may seem. And secondly, as I’m writing this I’m realizing that’s the level of untethered joy our kids have when they see each other. 

Now I know they’re little and this may not last forever, but I am sure enjoying it while it’s there. On the way back home, they had to stop and have a seat and have a deep conversation about the goings on of their Fridays.

And back home they settled in for some popcorn and pad time.

As an added Friday bonus, we had a fun Uno night with Auntie Kallin! 

As usual, Amelia was merciless with the Draw Fours, and won the first few rounds. It was also really funny to watch Henry, who on each turn got all contemplative, saying, “OK, it’s a blue 8, and let’s see what I have…Oh, I have a blue 3!” 

After a few rounds, we spent some time catching up with Kallin. NOTE: I almost typoed “Katching up with Kallin” there, and I think when she gets her own TV show, that’s what it should be called.

Anyway, it was a fun Friday evening and we were all pretty exhausted at the end. I personally fell asleep watching Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which I can tell you is pretty easy to do.