Having dedicated my post yesterday to reaching the annum mark with this blog, I’ll cram a few bits about the past two days into this post. You might ask, “Is that against the rules???” Absolutely. It is a stunning breach of protocol, but this is my blog and I’ll do what I want, dammit.

So going way back to Tuesday, it actually wound up being yet another snow day for Amelia as the county continued to dig out from Sunday’s big storm. Henry did have his ABA therapy, but after that was over and we had lunch, Erin had the excellent idea of walking over to a snowy hill in the neighborhood and doing some sledding.

We all got geared up and walked over. On our way, we had a very pleasant surprise when we walked by the house of some neighbors of ours, and one of Amelia’s best friends, and they saw us and came out to say hello. We had a nice chat for a few minutes, and it was yet another moment that made me realize how much I miss real, actual human contact. Even if outside and distanced, it’s just super nice to see people in person and I think that is going to be a tremendously awesome novelty in the coming months as vaccinations ramp up and life moves closer to normalish.

After that, we got to the hill and the kids did some excellent sledding. Even with a few wipeouts and close encounters with trees, it was so much fun.


Mom and Dad even had a few journeys down the hill and I have to say right now to all the grown ups reading this…if you haven’t gone sledding recently, make it happen. It’s really, really fun.

After we got home, Henry had his drum lesson via Zoom. He wasn’t super happy about having to do it, and as a result took his frustrations out on teh drums, which basically meant a 5 minute jam session, that I have to say was pretty awesome.


Wednesday, of course, was St. Patrick’s Day. Amelia was back in school, and after Henry was done with therapy, he really wanted to play outside and didn’t want to do it alone, so I got drafted. We played some kind of Snoopy in Space game, pretending to be on the moon.


Later, Amelia got out there and was doing a little goaltending at the basketball hoop,


Erin had also signed us up for this fun little Leprachaun visit, that dropped off some fun St. Patrick’s Day arts and crafts for the kids to do. Amelia was all over that.


We had plans of making homemade fish and chips, but it was one of those days that got slammed up and busy in the afternoon, so we ultimately ordered a very Irish pizza. It was New York style, and I know a lot of Irish people live in New York, so I guess that works.

While cleaning up what was a notable mess in the kitchen, Henry kept asking me to play Spongebob with him. I told him I would soon, and while I was doing my thing I heard a lot of racket coming from the play room. I asked what that was and Henry reported he was looking for his Spongebob toys. When I finally had the kitchen close to clean, I went over to look and discovered that Henry had dumped every toy bin on the floor.


Parenting is an endless game of mess management whack-a-mole. I know Leprechauns are supposed to be mischievous, but try having a five-year-old boy around.