Last time on Ps and Q…our intrepid heroes were holed up awaiting a big, scary blizzard to instead be confronted by something in between a dusting and a flurry. And then…

Sunday morning we woke up to this.


So, the storm made it after all. Boy did it ever. And it kept on going, and going. Winds whipping, the huge drift in our backyard kept growing.


Henry wanted to play outside, but it was way too nasty out. I’m afraid we would have to go out on Tauntaun to rescue him. Asta had the right idea.


We all had a nice, quiet day inside, playing games and hanging out. I played an elaborate crossover game with the kids in the playroom. It was a mix of PAW Patrol, Octonauts and Barbie. I was Rubble from PAW Patrol and Captain Barnacles from Octonauts.


After I carbo-loaded with a spaghetti dinner, it was time to go out and brave the elements to do some shoveling. We had fully two feet of snow, and it was HEAVY. Wet and dense, that was some workout.


I could tell the tone from meteorologists and weather folks on local news station social media was, “SEE!!! We TOLD you the storm was coming!” Yup, it was a day late, but certainly not short.

So we got our snow day after all! It is kind of a nice feeling being snowed in, as long as the power and everything else is working, which in our case it fortunately was. We found out that night that Amelia’s school and Henry’s therapy for Monday were also cancelled, so the snow day rolls on.

“I am the Blizzard King, I can do anything!”