Saturday moring we woke up expecting to find ourselves completely buried in snow. The blizzard that had been predicted all week was supposed to have started on Friday night. Instead, what found on Saturday morning was a light drizzle and bupkus for snow. This was a bit of a bummer primarily because Erin had a client in the morning and was thinking it’d be a snow day, but snow dice. (See what I did there?)

Online weather reports now had the storm starting on Saturday afternoon. It was a little drizzly, but this had all the feelings of one of those storms that everyone freaks out about and then becomes a big bust. Denver area Twitter was a vast ocean of meteorologist bashing and people grumbling that they weren’t up to their eyeballs in snow. Instead we had this.


I was having mixed feelings myself. Indeed, I was geared up for a lazy snow day, and while we didn’t exactly have anything on the agenda anyway, it’s somehow different when Father Winter isn’t delivering a savage beating outside.

But we went forward with our planned snow day. Erin enlisted the kids in some backing projects, making some blueberry muffins.

At dinner time, we really swung for the fences. We have been trying to expand the kids’ culinary palette through any methods we can. Just putting things out to try, doing our best to make trying things fun, and sure, even straight up guile.

The kids love Spongebob Squarepants, and the other day they were saying how much they’d love to have the Krabby Patties so often referred to in the Spongebob universe. So we said, “Sure, we can make some Krabby Patties!” Then set about looking up recipes for crab cakes.

We found a pretty good one and made a big deal about a Spongebob themed dinner. We played Spongebob music, and I even rolled up the recipe like the “secret formula” often referred to in the show and movies.


And I did make up some pretty tasty Krabby Patties, if I do say so myself.


The kids were excited about it until they saw the crab cakes, and then immediately went into standard hesitancy mode. To her credit, Amelia DID try some crab cake. Didn’t like it, but that’s OK, we were just glad she tried. Henry…we’ll have to try again.

But after dinner, we did continue the day’s celebration. In the morning Amelia and Henry informed us that a number of their stuffies were celebrating their birthdays, so Erin decided to whip up a nice chocolate cake to mark the occasion. We had a little stuffie birthday party.


It was fun and hey, cake! Maybe the day didn’t go quite as planned, we were a few feet short of our snowfall expectations, but who knows what tomorrow will bring?