After a few really nice spring days of the warm and sunny variety, Thursday was a spring day of the damp, gloomy and kind of rainy variety.

And hey, that’s OK too. But it was definitely the kind of day that encourages one to just want to stay in bed and keep on hitting the snooze button until about 4pm. Even the dogs were feeling lazy.


But we all got up and did our thing. Henry had a good day with his therapist, and then was off to preschool. I had a presentation to give, and spent a good chunk of the morning getting ready for that. Afterward, I went out and ran a few errands, and got back in time to brave the drizzle to walk to school and pick up Henry.


When I picked him up, Henry immediately pointed out that my glasses were fogged up. I told him I noticed. Then I tried to explain a bit about the physics of that, to which he said, “Oh,” in a majorly disinterested way. It was the correct response.

But we had a nice walk back home, and he told me all about his day at school. He had fun is doing really well. He was line leader in an activity that day, and was very proud about that. It’s really heartwarming to see him doing so well with Pre-K and encouraging to see how much he enjoys it.

Liking to learn and participate in school is more than half the battle. It’s probably like 80 percent of the battle. It’s one of the things that Amelia has going for her, and Henry shows early signs of it too, so we are hoping.

And that was about it, really. I did a little more work, we all had some dinner together, played some Mario Kart and called it a night. A perfect, low-key finish to a low-key, rainy spring day.