On Tuesday, I was slightly less tired and undermotivated than I was on Monday. Slightly.

It was at least a little less of a struggle to get up and going in the morning, get the kids off their various things and get myself to my various thing….you know, work.

I had a presentation to deliver, and spent a good chunk of the morning making last minute tweaks. This was the first one I delivered from my new laptop, and OK, I loved it. All the basic stuff worked well, of course, but there’s also this cool touch bar. I was told that most people love or hate it, and I’m definitely in the “love” category.

While presenting I realized that it actually shows you surrounding slides, AND displays the time, which is important to a very wordy, long-winded guy like me who needs to pay attention to the time so he doesn’t talk 20 minutes too long. Check it out!


Any longtime reader of this blog is saying, “Wait, he’s wordy and long-winded? Surely not!” Yeah, it is true, I admit.

Anyway, once the presentation was over I admit I hit a bit of a wall and was running pretty low energy the rest of the afternoon. I did take Henry to his drum lesson, and he continues to crush it there. His instructor was teaching him like a proto-drum roll and he was also belting out “We Will Rock You.” I strongly support any Queen-based education with my kids.

Back home, we had some dinner and Amelia and Henry regaled us with a chat about how they looked at baby pictures of themselves the other day. Henry very dramatically declared that he wishes he was a baby. He then folded his arms and closed his eyes as if to say, “End of discussion. There will be no questions.”

Also this is a sentiment I find particuarly funny since Henry’s pediatrician, when he actually was a baby, once said, “This kid does not want to be a baby.”

Grass is always greener, I guess.

While I was cleaning up in the kitchen, I heard some commotion that included Henry actually chanting his own name. Turns out they had build some kind of obstacle course out of blankets, ottomans and bean bags, and other odds and ends.


And Henry stood atop an ottoman, chanting, “Hen-RY! Hen-RY!” I wonder if we are raising a young Rufio from Hook.

As far as models for self confidence go, I suppose you could do worse. Bangarang!