Thursday was my big meeting day. I had my twice-annual membership meeting in the morning, followed by a committee meeting I needed to attend, followed by a presentation I was scheduled to do for an architecture class at CU Denver.

And, if you read yesterday’s blog, you know that the computer I generally use for all of these things had become about as reliable a technological tool as an old Simon toy taped to a black and white TV.

Fortunately, I was able to move the presentations and files I needed onto Erin’s computer, which I did right away in the morning. It has also snowed a wee bit the night before. Amelia had put a ruler in a glass out as a snow gauge the night before, and it was totally buried.


So before the meeting, I wanted to get out and shovel the sidewalk and oh, I wanted to sneak in a run, so of course I wound up sitting at my desk about 2 minutes before the meeting started. When I was a kid, it used to drive us nuts that my dad would usually find something, like mowing the lawn or fixing something or other in the shed, to do right before we were supposed to be somewhere. He would always pull it together and be ready in time, but “Come on,” I would think.

This is one of those many dad things that I now understand. For me in this case, it was probably a mixture of nervous energy before my meeting, and a fundamental lack of understanding of the basic flow of time and, for instance, that 45 minutes really isn’t all that much time.

But, like my dad before me, I DID get that stuff, got on the meeting, and things went really well. We had good attendance and discussion and I felt good about the whole thing afterward. 

Following that, I started the process of trying to rescue the data from fast spiraling old computer. I got the backup drive hooked up and increasingly struggled to bring the erratic mouse under control, but eventually got the process going. I then tuned into my next meeting, and then got ready to teach the CU class. At one point I had three screens going, which was a bit like staring into madness.

While all this was going on, the kids were having lots of fun playing outside in the snow. We got quite a bit and it was a good day for it. 

Afterward, Erin made them some hot cocoa and they had a lovely post-snow-play toast.

When my meetings were finally finished, I was exhausted, but pleased to have gotten through it all realatively well. And we had something fun to look forward to. We had gotten a reservation at one of those cool igloos at a nearby restaurant Erin and I really like, so the four of us headed out to dinner.

We had a really nice time and delicious food, and the kids took to running around the igloo. Several times I tried taking a picture and the shutter kept missing them. Too fast!

Eventually I captured the little speedsters.


It was a fun night out, I ate way too much, and we headed back home for relaxing and bed. Another week nearing its end.