Henry had a busy day on Tuesday. He had his ABA therapy in the morning, then drum lessons AND a haircut in the afternoon. He was equally excited about both. I was also super happy about Henry’s haircut, becasue as much as he does rock the Beatles mop top (and he truly does), it’s getting hard to get facemask loops over his ears with all that shag in the way.

Anyway, he did great at drum lessons and his teacher once again expressed his being impressed by how much Henry was grasping and how quickly he’s coming along. He struck out a steady beat, played a little “We Will Rock You,” and did some other rhythm exercises.

He always fun at lessons, and one thing that strikes me as funny is the way he leaves. Henry tends to be rather abrupt, and when he’s done, he’s done. This is no different. He and teacher come out, the teacher talks to me about the lesson and Henry is just on a straight line for the door. It honestly reminds me the way a real badass rock n’ roll drummer just throws his sticks into the audience, stands up and walks off stage when the show is over. Henry’s got it all down.

After that, we drove around a little and then got over to the salon for his haircut. Here again, I’m thankful at how well Henry does with this. I know some special needs kids can have real issues sitting still, and Henry is very sensitive about his head and hair, but he is great about sitting still and let the stylist do her thing. She is really great with him, too, and I could hear them chatting during the cut.

Henry was telling her all about The Incredibles. 

He did great, he looked great, and much like drum lessons, when it was over he went straight for the door. We had to remind him that I had to, you know, pay. He was looking mighty good.

We didn’t want to go TOO short, of course.

Back home, I made some tacos for dinner. As I examined my spice rack, I noticed that these two next to each other could make for a hilarious if awful cooking mixup.

Yeah, I should really move those two apart. Or on the other hand, maybe curry enchiladas would be really good. Maybe?