Sunday morning began with a mystery!

Amelia had been playing with her Junior Park Ranger kit the day before, which includes a little magnifying glass. She wasn’t able to find it, and she soon enlisted Henry and Islay to help in the search. They walked around the house looking for clues, and Amelia had her little notebook with her, trying to take notes and remember all the places she might have had the magnifying glass.


They did comprise quite a detective force. She wasn’t able to find it after a bit of a search, and I told her sometimes the best thing to do is to take a break and oftentimes these things will just turn up. And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Later that morning I went to sit in my chair in the living room and there was the magnifying glass, stuffed into the side of the cushion. Mystery solved.

It was generally a pretty lazy Sunday, though I had a good head of steam going and got some writing and other odds and ends done. Perhaps even more fantastic was that the kids played nicely and I was able to grab a little nap in the afternoon.

Amelia had her first introduction to The Muppet Show on Disney Plus the night before, and I told her I’d watch a few episodes with her. It was adorable hearing her laugh out loud at probably some of the same silly sight gags that got me laughing as a kid. Like Rowlf singing the first words of the 5th Dimension song, “Up, up and away,” and his candelabra taking off like a rocket.

Like me, she loved “Pigs in Space” and “Veterinarian’s Hospital.” And Statler and Waldorf hold up well. 

I roasted a chicken for dinner, which was enjoyed by humans and canines alike. Asta and Islay let nothing go to waste when I was loading the dishwasher.


Oh, and also a plane lost part of its engine over our town and debris landed in some yards about 2 miles away. So it was kooky seeing our neighboring town on the national news. The falling airplane engine also inspired me to go back and watch Donnie Darko. Yeah…I’d say The Muppet Show, while plenty dated, holds up better.