Quick post tonight, since I’m writing late on a busy Friday about Thursday, which was also kind of busy. But not the interesting kind of busy. Just the kind of busy that most of us contend with lots of days where we say at the end, “hold up, where did the day go?”

Also the kind of busy when we’re out of breath and people say, “wow, you look really busy! What’s been going on?” And then you can’t answer because you’ve been so busy you haven’t had time to reflect upon what you were busy with.

So I’ll quickly say that on Thursday, Amelia had fully asynchronous learning because her teacher was out having her wisdom teeth removed. So in virtual school, I guess you get asynchronous assignments rather than a substitute that kids can torment and hurl virtual spitballs at. Times have changed.

Anyway, after she was done with school, Amelia spent some time on her latest LEGO project, a pretty sweet Frozen castle.

Later, she and Henry and I played in the play room. Henry wanted to play PAW Patrol, and got pretty insistent about taking down the lookout tower. He may have demolitions engineering in his blood.

And Amelia decided to dress up all her stuffies for a party, and Saki got a sweet pair of jeans. It’s a good look for a sock monkey.

I wish I looked that good in jeans. It was quite a party, and fun was had by all.