We eventually got to a bit of a low key, lazy afternoon, but before that it was a pretty hectic morning. Nothing all that specific, it just felt like one of those days where there was always about 4 things happening all at once that all needed immediate attention.

For example, at one point, I remember Henry’s therapist was talking to me about some goals and strategies we’d be working on, while at the same time Henry was loudly yelling about what he wanted for lunch, and then Amelia ran up to inform that one of the dogs had pooped on her rug.

I should specify…not just on her rug, but on her white, SHAG rug. So that was fun.

Anyway, all that got addressed, things were moving and I was doing my best to ride the wave. Admittedly, but some point in the mid afternoon, I was pretty tired. The kids has both been generally demanding much of the day, and apparently that wore them out a little bit, too, because even they settled down. Amelia plopped with the dogs and watched her tablet while Henry played PAW Patrol and ran lines aloud from some of his favorite episodes.


We kept it simple and made some turkey burgers for dinner and basically called it an early night. Not a particularly noteworthy day, but as I always maintain, every day has its victories. For me, on this day, thanks to the work of some homemade cleaning solution, water and Dawn dish soap, I got that shag carpet clean and shining white again. That is accomplishment.