Wednesday was another kind of busy day, with lots of odds and ends, meetings and appointments. While I was busying myself around in my office in the morning, Islay found herself a nice new spot on one of the lower shelves of my desk.

She got so comfy there, I kind of forgot she was around and when I was on a call and she suddenly barked and ran off, I was kind of startled. Always keeping us on our toes, that one.

After Henry’s therapy, we had to run over to the local Walgreens to get passport pictures taken. Our intention is to go to the UK sometime when all this pandemic nonsense is over, so a while back we figured it would be a good idea to get appointments to get the kids’ passport process started. The day kind of snuck up on us, with our appointment with the passport office that afternoon, so we needed to get those pictures done.

It went very smoothly, with the hilarious exception of the fact that we were told explicitly NOT to smile, and Henry wound up having a hell of a time with that. Try to get him to smile in a picture on purpose, and that can be a struggle. But tell a five year old kid NOT to smile and what do you think they’re going to do?


His expressions were hilarious, though, and had all of us, including the photographer, cracking up. But eventually he got that stony face down and we were all good.

After that, we rushed back to the house so I could have a board meeting via Zoom, and right after that, it was off to the passport office. It went pretty well, but Henry really wanted to explore the cavernous and empty city building where the office was. At one point he rushed the doors of the city council chambers, which were empty and locked. Maybe he is interested in local politics.

All that accomplished, it was back home for a nice dinner and relaxing evening with Auntie Kallin. I know it’ll be a while until those passports come our way, and even longer until we’re actually able to take that kind of trip, but it definitely is something to look forward to as we hopefully round the corner on the worst of the age of COVID.