Another quick post! Friday afternoon, Henry had preschool and Erin had a few clients, so Amelia and I were off in our separate corners doing our school work and work-work.

Henry had another great day at school, coming out all excited with some new artwork he had put together. Week two under his belt, he is doing really well.

In the evening, Erin headed off to meet a friend of hers (someone in our small COVID bubble) for dinner so the kids and I made pizza and played video games! We had a few spirited rounds of Mario Kart.


Amelia really gave me a run for my money, and the two of us came in neck in neck most races. We had a fun time, then retired to watch a few cartoons and I took the kids to bed.

After they were down, I got on a Zoom with a few friends around the country and Erin got home, having had really fun time. It was good for both of us to have a little grown up conversation. A little careful and safe interaction, in person or online, definitely goes a long way towards maintaining some level of sanity in these crazy times.