Sunday morning, we packed up the car and made ready to head up to the mountains. Erin turns 40 on Tuesday, so we wanted to do something special to mark the occasion and found a little hot springs resort about an hour from Aspen, off kind of the middle of nowhere.

We had a nice brunch at a place we like close to home, then loaded up the dogs and headed up. It’s a beautiful drive up Vail and through Glenwood canyon.

This is a very short post because the place we are staying has no cell signal, no WiFi, and no TVs. It does have hot springs and amazing scenery. We staying in an adorable little cabin and in shooting to upload this little post when we go into town for dinner. Just trying to keep that streak alive. 

There will be photos and more details when we return to civilization, but for now suffice to say the hot springs are amazing, the kids and dogs are doing great, and we are loving our time in the mountains and off the grid. More to come…