It was Wednesday. I remember writing back on like day 10 of this blog that Wednesdays are always a little rough to manage, even when the idea of Wednesday was actually a thing, and not just part of the flow of surreal days.

Considering that the past three Wednesdays included an insurrection, an impeachment and an inauguration, I think a quiet Wednesday was due. And it is only now occurring to me that all those major events start with the letter “I” and I’m wondering what could have been next. Igloos? The Iditarod? The…Inquisition? I wouldn’t expect that.

Anyway, it was a pretty delightfully uneventful Wednesday. We did get a nice bit of snow the day before, and while Henry was asking if I could take them to the park, the fact is that it was super cold outside and I was wearing several layers INSIDE, so, um…no. But the kids did get out and have some fun playing in the backyard.


Amelia lasted all of 5 minutes, but Henry stayed out probably another 10, just pushing snow around and happily in a zen state. I’m the one who was born in Wisconsin, but that kid is the one who is built for the cold.

And honestly, that was about it. Days like this, there is part of me that feels a little bad for not having more to say or more to write about, and another part of me that’s content with the fact that there are sometimes days and weeks where there isn’t a lot to report. That’s life, and life isn’t always exciting. There’s lots of amazing substance between the peaks. It’s like John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”

I’ve known that line forever. I’ve known it to be wise and powerful. But I think its fair to say that, until the last year or so, I never fully understood it. I do now.