This Tuesday felt not that dissimilar from the 45 or so that have preceded it since the start of this whole COVID quarantine thing. Yes, it really has been that many. Good heavens.

Anyway, what was a little different was that we woke up to an unexpected layer of snow on the ground. It was lovely and tranquil, even if it was insanely cold outside also. Taking the puppy out into 9 degree weather was a pretty rude awakening for both her and me.

But we went about our daily business, all of us doing our thing, and that afternoon I took Henry to his drum lesson. This was his third, and he is still loving it and doing really well. The teacher says he is taking to it really well and he’s trying to give him more complicated things to try, so next session he’ll be working on We Will Rock You, which I am really looking forward to.

Back at home, while I was making some dinner, the kids and Erin were playing Perfection. It made me smile to hear the kids shreik every time that board popped.


Now Erin is a master and she often beats the timer, but I sure never have. When I’ve played, that board popping up gives me a heart attack every time, too. Every one of Herny’s therapists, upon seeing that game, commented that it still gets their heart rate going.

Thinking back on close to a year of daily reflections, it strikes me that Perfection is a pretty good metaphor for how things have been. The days and weeks kind of melt together, and so often it’s the busied routine…doing the same things over and over, and even though we would be pelted with more and more stress and devasting news week after week, like that damn Perfection board, we never got used to it. Made us jump out of our chair every time.

I have hope that things will look a little brighter, and maybe one of these days the board won’t pop up and I’ll be able to get all the pieces in place. Maybe we’ll see more steady and normal days again. Until then, we keep taking things a day at a time and getting as many pieces on the board as possible. I remain thankful for the little things, like the fact that, while the game Perfection may be timeless, the men’s fashion shown in this 1978 commercial is long gone.