So, Saturday was pretty light on excitement, which is A-OK with me. That combined with the late hour that I’m getting to this post means this one will be a quick one. If this were a network sitcom, this would definitely be time for a rerun or clip show where the main characters just remember scenes from other episodes.

But since this is indeed not a network sitcom and I don’t have any cool guest star appearances to call back to, I’ll instead just say I had a nice outing with the kids doing our weekly grocery shopping. It was delightlfully free of any complaining, whining or tantrums, so honestly that alone puts the day in the really good column.

Adding to that was the fact that the Green Bay Packers won their playoff game against the LA Rams. Erin had several dog training clients earlier in the day and I was running errands, but we were able to hang out and watch most of the game together, which was fun.

And Henry got a lovely surprise in the mail from our dear friend, Auntie Erika! She sent a thoughtful card with some money for his piggy bank.

I don’t think Henry really fully understands what money is (lucky guy), but he thought it was super cool and laid it out to count it aloud. Amelia helped him put it in his piggy bank and he was very proud about the whole thing. 

We ended the day with a family round of Mario Kart, and that was about it. Not a terribly exciting or eventful day, but I’m thinking that, particularly given events of late, a day where not a whole lot happens is a beautiful, highly appreciated thing.