As much as I was dragging and low-energy on Wednesday, on Thursday I woke up with a spring in my step. I had gotten a pretty solid night’s sleep and was feeling positive and up-tempo. And the week was nearing the end, on the day that Henry’s therapist called “Friday Junior.” 

And it’s not like anything particularly earth shattering happened on Thursday, I was just a little more awake and in better spirits. It does go to show that the nature of good days versus bad days often has a heck of a lot more to do with what’s going on inside rather than what’s going on outside.

That’s not to say the day wasn’t without some speed bumps. I will fully admit to being a little distracted and off my game the past week or so, and here’s a great example. Earlier in the week, our printer finally croaked and I ordered a new one from Target. What I didn’t think about was the fact that the last item I ordered from Target was a gift shipped to my nephew in Wisconsin. Apparently that stayed the default shipping address and, instead of arriving at my door, it showed up at my sister’s house in Wisconsin.

My sister let me know, and I called Target to get an exchange and replacement squared away. Oh well, these are the kind of wacky goofs that happen in the age of online shopping, I suppose.

That aside, I had a pretty productive day at work, and even had some company in the office.

I was working on my annual budget, and he had some good feedback.

After work I took a nice walk around the park with the kids, Erin and the dogs. It was a little chilly out, but sunny and beautiful and we all had a nice walk together. After that, I went out to run some errands and wound up in a very long, slow line at Goodwill to donate some old toys and clothes. I suppose with it being right after Christmas, it is peak donating season.

For dinner, I tried out a new recipe from Danielle Walker, a cookbook writer I’ve recommended several times in this blog. This was a Moroccan chicken and vegetable sheet pan bake, and it was really flavorful, delicious and healthy.

Some days are down, some are up, and I definitely think its important to ride the wave and make the most of those up days. This being on the merits a pretty standard day was a good lesson in the fact that a smile, some deep breaths and a positive attitude can make all the difference.