The weekend arrived and Saturday was the eve of Henry’s birthday. Other than a few things to do around the house, it was a pretty quiet morning and early afternoon, other than my playing a quick few rounds of superhero with the kids in our upstairs play room. In today’s adventure, we were chasing ghosts with a lightsaber, even though Amelia explained ghosts are pretty much impossible to catch. Still, a good superhero is never put off by a challenge.

Here are the kids, in various action poses.

We should have put more superhero energy toward containing our puppy, Islay. Clever and persistent, she escapes pretty much any containment area we try to make for her, and is a relentless chewer. We have this wooden gate to keep her in an area in the kitchen, and we’ve had to keep stopping her from chewing on it. For weeks we’ve joked that she is trying to escape. Well…


And that’s the end of that. At some point, raising repair funds and finding items to replace things she destroys might be easier than trying to keep her out of trouble. Ah, puppies.

In the evening, we went to visit some friends of ours for dinner and a little pre-birthday party for Henry. They are about the only human beings we’ve seen socially in the past few months and we get together now and then for both a little grown up and children socialization. It was a really fun evening and we got to pre-celebrate Henry’s birthday a little.


When we got home, the kids went to be pretty quickly after a busy evening of playing. After that, I went to the basement to work on assembling Henry’s birthday present. It took a while to put together, but I was pleased by the end result.


“My god man! A drum set for a five-year-old boy! Are you mad?!” Well, yes…and no. We have a feeling this is going to be great for Henry. Besides, life is always better with a boss beat.