As we wrap up the first week of 2021, which has already proven to be just as awesome as its predecessor year, I once again had what appear to be a regular event where WordPress just decides when I’m halfway through writing a post that now would be a good time to make me re-authenticate myself. Which would be OK if the ritual didn’t involve just seizing up, throwing me out, and discarding everything I had written to that point.

Thanks WordPress! You’re awesome, I love you. It’s a great setup, and I particularly like the part where I have to identify like 9 sets of crosswalks and bicycles to convince you I’m not a robot and earn the honor to rewrite the post you deleted.

Anyway, the gist of whatever it was I had been saying was that I spent the last couple of posts talking about how the events of this week had affected parenting and productivity. But life also went on around all of this, and I did have several fun park outings with the kids this week.

Back before the cuckoo coup, I took the kids to the tunnel park. It was cold and windy, but fortunately pretty deserted, so we had a good time.

We played superhero hide and seek, and I spent a lot of time huddled in tunnels.


We repeated much the same pattern at the nearby red park a few other days during the week. I knew the kids were struggling with getting back to reality just as much as we grown ups were, so I figured the fresh air and activity would help a little, anyway.


I feel like maybe I had a larger point to make there, but I’m going to say it got lost in the first draft and call it a night. I will throw this out there, though. Playing hide in the seek in the bitter cold at either park, I had moments of feeling like I really had to rally to find the energy to play.

But there were other moments where I got caught up in it and forgot about all the bad stuff going on in the world and just tried to find a good hiding spot. Maybe there is something to that.